5 Things To Take To Bestival 2018

Camping at Bestival? We've had a look at what's going on this weekend in Dorset, and we've got the FIVE essential things you won't want to forget.

NOTE that this doesn't require anything you don't already own in your house, so it's just a simple case of remembering to grab them before you go!


We've decided to group everything that's going to keep you dry this weekend into one. A little bit of an umbrella term, you could say. 

The Met Office has word that there'll be downpours on the FRIDAY, with Saturday and Sunday expected to dabble in both sunshine and rain. That means things like waterproof jackets, umbrellas and ponchos are going to be LIFESAVERS this weekend.

If you can't get a poncho ready before Thursday, do not fear - the festival traders will be able to sort you out for minimum expense. If you're into DIY, you could always craft one from a bin liner (which could also be useful for keeping your camp tidy, helping out the festival in the aftermath). 



Wellies For Festival Camping

Despite the drought this summer, rain is always possible at Bestival due to its later date in the festival calendar. With so many festival-goers on foot, just a little bit of rain can cause squelchy conditions. Definitely pack some wellies!


Purchase Tickets for Bestival 2018



Bestival Site Map


You can find a detailed set of maps on the official Bestival app, which is FREE to download from the App Store. 

Set times are not released yet, but Clashfinder as usual has a fairly reliable prediction here. Note that this is NOT confirmed, and you should check the Bestival app on Thursday for an official confirmation.

Click here to see the day-by-day splits between the acts. There'll also be a Bestival programme available for purchase around the site.


These are ALWAYS really useful for festivals. We've seen the camping site map on the official app, and it seems there are MANY water points. Despite this, you don't want to be up and running to them every half hour, so it's wise to bring something to store large amounts in. 

Dig out your recycling bin and grab a large plastic bottle you recently finished, wash it out, and you're good to go. If you've got yourself a large 5L OR 10L WATER BAG, then you've absolutely nailed it!

Not only does this keep you hydrated between alcoholic drinks, but water is useful for keeping your teeth and body clean!


Take PLENTY of your own toiletries with you. These are the things we recommend:

  • Loo roll - generally very useful around the camp, if not just for layering on top of the toilet seat to keep the seating area clean!
  • Baby wipes - as mentioned, it could be a mucky festival this year, so be sure to have something to wash your hands after they're dry with mud!
  • Toothbrush WITH cover - make sure to have some sort of protection for your toothbrush, dirt could EASILY get stuck in the brush.


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