Easy, Quick and Alcoholic - The Best Festival Cocktails for 2018

Just because you're living in a field for a weekend doesn't mean you can't drink in style. The vast majority of festival-goers are limited to drinking 'tinnies' - festival speak for cans of beer.

But things can be a lot better, especially with all that effort expended in getting your many crates of tinnies out of your car, and then having to carry said tinnies through the festival grounds and to your campsite. 

Of course, there are other forms of alcohol which provided a little more bang for your buck than a beer or cider - in terms of alcoholic content, anyway, which is the main objective of festival-goers.

We thought instantly of cocktails. But the only pre-mixed form of cocktail you can currently buy in the supermarket are those small cans of, for example, Jack Daniel's Whiskey mixed with Coca-Cola, or similarly-sized cans of Gordon's gin and tonic water. Taking loads of them would be ridiculous, and it'll cost you a lot more than the hoppy alternative. 

Some larger-sized versions of these would be sweet, and perhaps they are forthcoming, but for the time being, if we want to drink cocktails in bulk at a festival, it's up to us to either:

a) pre-mix, bottle up into large bottles, and transport all those to the festival or,

b) bring all the core ingredients in plastic bottles to the festival, mix and distribute into glasses when we get there.    

There's no clear winner here, which is why I think either option is pretty good. However, if we could have as little ingredients as possible, that makes option b) a good option.

It would also allow you to use the ingredients for any other purposes - if you have a whole bottle of vodka, you can experiment with other mixtures throughout the weekend.  

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Therefore, here's our top 5 cocktails - they have few ingredients, and are so straightforward that you can make them whilst you're sat in camp. The only downside is of course, no ice. But we can't have it all our way.

We've also included the price, and a link, so you can access them easily.

Just make sure you recycle or repurpose your plastic bottles 😉



Festival Camping Cocktails Watermelon Champagne

Serves: 48 drinks. Disclaimer: please share these 48 drinks, and drink them over a number of days... Obviously divide the amounts accordingly if you need less. We're not picking up the bill for someone having 48 glasses of this in the same night. 


70cl bottle of Absolut Vanilla - £15 (link: https://goo.gl/WuX9T9)

35cl of Triple Sec, or Cointreau -  £15 (link: https://goo.gl/kwjup2)

50cl Lime Juice - £0.78 (link: https://goo.gl/WkxVRp)

5.68 litres (568cl) Watermelon Juice - £7.74 (link: https://goo.gl/okoGyH

Bottle of champagne (for topping) - £18 (link: https://goo.gl/y1PPBg)


A few compromises here - we've gone for Rubicon Watermelon, instead of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, but the extra sugar content might help with the hangovers. Not that I'm suggesting you drink this on a hangover. 

Fresh watermelon juice may not keep as long too, which is something to be wary of. 

Obviously you can attempt to scale down the ratios to make a smaller portion - but the numbers get a little confusing, so we thought it'd be best to do it all relative to one bottle of 70cl Absolut Vanilla, which can be easily purchased using the link there.

Each drink is topped by a small shot of champagne, so you may as well grab one large bottle of it, that'll be enough for your Champagne-Watermelons, plus any celebratory glasses of bubbly.

Obviously we're not responsible for anything bad that happens. Try at your own risk etc. We sourced this recipe from The Cooking Channel: https://goo.gl/2QNzFn



Dark 'n' Stormy Festival Cocktail

Serves: As many as you like - simply scale up the ratios shown below. 


1 part Gosling's Black Seal rum - £25 (link: https://goo.gl/5JdnES)

2 parts Ginger Beer - £18.91 (link: https://goo.gl/HLK72v)

Hint of Lime juice - £0.39 (link: https://goo.gl/WkxVRp)


This 3-ingredient recipe is actually trademarked by Gosling's, so I hope we're not stepping on any legal toes here. It seems that Dark 'n' Stormy became so popular that they brought out their own brand of ginger beer to compliment their Black Seal dark rum. 

Anyways, this is a super easy recipe to follow, and is just like making a spirit-mixer drink, except it's a little more exciting than your average vodka-coke or similar. You coud easily scale this up at home, by combining the ingredients into a large bottle or jug, and taking it to the festival with you. 

We couldn't find the ginger beer in a smaller quantity than the above link, but you could probably use a supermarket's own brand if you're looking for a cheaper alternative.  

We sourced this recipe from FirstWeFeast, available here: https://goo.gl/ZG77EG



Woo-Woo Festival Cocktail

Serves: As many as you like - simply scale up the ratios below. 


1 part Peach Schnapps - £5.25 (link: https://goo.gl/a43Ngm)

1 part Vodka - £12 (link: https://goo.gl/1wafLF)

2 parts Cranberry juice - £1.38 (link: https://goo.gl/EmVwUd)


This is a Weatherspoon's classic, and it's super easy to make. Just mix the three ingredients together.

If you grab two cartons of Cranberry juice, then you can use 1.4 litres of that, mixed with the 0.7 litres of Peach Schanpps and 0.7 litres of vodka in the links, and you've got enough to feed the entire family... I mean the campsite family, probably not your kids. Combine into a large bottle and your drinking is set at least for a couple days. 

We sourced this from SaveTheStudent, here: https://goo.gl/dLqLF9 



Sex On The Beach Festival Cocktail

Serves: As many as you like, just use the ratios below!


1 part Peach Schnapps - £5.25 (link: https://goo.gl/a43Ngm)

4 parts Vodka - £12 (link: https://goo.gl/1wafLF)

4 parts Orange juice - £1.38 (link: https://goo.gl/mdDHuj)

4 parts Cranberry juice - £1.38 (link: https://goo.gl/EmVwUd)

Another Weatherspoon's favourite. Now you can make your own pitcher by combining this super simple set of ingredients into one large bottle. Again, we've priced it up for a couple cartons of Orange and Cranberry juice each, so you've got enough to make a large batch. 

We sourced this recipe from The Bar, here: https://goo.gl/p8Rsje


Moscato Lemonade Festival Cocktail

Serves: As many as you like, just scale up the ratios below!


1 part Vodka - £12 (link: https://goo.gl/1wafLF)

3 parts Pink Moscato - £6.48 (link: https://goo.gl/UKmAik)

6 parts Fruit Lemonade - £2.49 (link: https://goo.gl/Zc7Ln6)

The original recipe says to use Strawberry Lemonade, but we actually couldn't find any on the market... our guess is that any type of fruit lemonade will taste pretty good. 

We sourced this one from Delish: https://goo.gl/C2cCms


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