FestivalMart pitching in again for Bournemouth 7s 2019

Taken from the Bournemouth 7s website: https://bournemouth7s.com/festivalmart-pitching-in-again-for-bournemouth-7s-2019/

There are very few feelings that rival rolling-up to your favourite festival, care-free and with the whole weekend ahead of you.

But are you truly care-free if you have to lug a weekend’s worth of camping supplies from the car, through the queues and to the middle of a field before you even pitch up?

Fear not! Those of you who haven’t treated yourselves to the pre-erected Glamping options can make use of the amazingly faff-busting services offered by our friends at FestivalMart.

No tent? No worries! Simply hire a tent at FestivalMart.co.uk and collect it when you arrive on the campsite. Yeah, actually on the campsite!

And if having a Click & Collect tent ready on site isn’t enough to make you re-evaluate your festival decisions, how about considering that you don’t actually need to play Car Boot Tetris with any of your camping supplies?

FestivalMart offer everything from sleeping bags, camping chairs, torches, sunscreen, cutlery, pillows, batteries, glowsticks, and even those fun sofas that you can inflate by running around in circles until you need a lie down.

Convenience isn’t the only reason to love what FestivalMart are offering. Their tent rental service means that fewer tents are being discarded at festivals, and therefore less landfill waste is being left behind.

Our very own Commercial Director, Jon Baker said:
‘It was fantastic to have FestivalMart on board for 2018, offering something we had never done before. To have them return once again with a brand new concept is amazing and something we are keen to explore’

‘We are excited at the prospect of reducing the cost for our campers, as well as furthering our environmentally friendly commitment by recycling as many tents as possible through FestivalMart’s rental service.’

Check out FestivalMart now, and look for them on site next May!



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