Keep Your Tent Warm & Cosy!

Did you ever see the floods at Glastonbury 2005?! You can catch one unlucky camper's view of it here. 

The flooding is absolutely insane - most tents are underwater, and the current is actually developing speed downhill, devouring many more tents in the process.

We can only imagine how many people lost any chance of a good night's sleep because of this, or how many lost their valuables!

All because it decided to rain heavily in Somerset that day. That's all it takes for festival campsites to quickly become the world's largest swimming pool.

In fact, few annual events are known for their susceptibility to flooding quite like music festivals are. 

Admittedly, Glastonbury has a few extra quirks that makes it a particularly terrible place to be when the rain strikes - its setting in the valley of Worthy Farm, for one. 

But when a torrential rain hits the festival you're at - how do you know your tent is 100% resistant to it? To help you, we've assembled these insights to help put your mind at ease.

1. Use A Ground Sheet

This is a tip so many festival campers are missing out on. Be sure to place a ground sheet beneath your tent, and make sure it's folded so that the sides are just inside the footprint of the tent. You don't want the ground sheet to stick out beyond the sides of the tent - as this could cause rain water to collect in the middle. 

This will really reduce heat losses to the ground, as it gives you an extra layer between you and the damp ground. It also greatly reduces the chance of water from the ground seeping through to your tent. 

This is such an important festival essential that is often overlooked - and plus, groundsheets are so cheap that it's just instantly worth it for that extra layer of warmth. 

Our Ground Sheet, manufactured by camping brand Aotu, fits these specifications and can provide the benefits you're looking for. 

OUR PRICE : £10.99

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2. Use A Waterproof Sleeping Mat

Our main concern with getting water in our tents is that, just like those Glastonbury-goers 12 years ago, we're not going to be able to sleep dry. Maybe you've left the zipped door or viewing window open, and it's started to rain.

Once rain gets in - it's pretty hard to get back out, especially if it continues to rain. 

As an extra line of defence, we highly recommend placing a waterproof Sleeping Mat between your sleeping bag and the tent. This way, should you be so unlucky as to invite water in, at least your sleeping area remains dry, 

FestivalMart's Sleeping Mats reach 2 metres in length. That could actually stretch to cover the entire groundsheets of most tents. You'll thank yourself for investing in a Sleeping Mat!

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More Ideas...

  • Pitch your tent on high ground - rainwater will simply flow downhill, and your tent will easily deal with a slight drizzle. Remember - it's the volume of water that floods your tent!
  • Purchase SEAM SEALANT and apply to the seams of your tent before you go. This will ensure your seams are totally resistant to water.
  • Purchase WATERPROOF SPRAY and apply to tents, rucksacks etc. Just remember to read the safety information and directions for use beforehand.  



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