Why Lazy Sofas Are Great For Festivals!

Maybe you don't want to go for a camping chair at your festival next year. And who would blame you? They're clunky, heavy, and difficult to transport. Some of them also break pretty easily, and at a festival they're likely to get stolen anyway!

FestivalMart has the solution in the form of a Lazy Sofa, or Loungair - they have a few names!

Here's five reasons why we can expect to see them adopted for festival campers.

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First of all, we can't believe how much easier this will be to take to camp than a heavy camping chair! The Lazy Sofa weighs less than a feather and rolls up nicely into a little 30 cm-long pouch with a little draw string to fasten it up. That's it!

Even when it's inflated - simply by trapping air inside of it - it weighs next to nothing! That means you can easily pop it inside your tent when it's time to head to the arena.



You do not merely lie down on a Lazy Sofa. You sink into its embrace. We've got one here at FestivalMart HQ, and it's our main chill-out area. Yep, the couch is actually getting dusty!

The Lazy Sofa actually resembles memory foam a lot more than anything, as it moulds and shapes around you - except it's a lot less expensive, which brings us onto our next point!


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If you buy through FestivalMart you'll get access to the best deal on the Internet for these things - just £14.99 + free shipping to anywhere in the UK. 

Camping chairs cost around £5 more than this on average, so this becomes the obvious choice for camp furniture next year. If you're heading to Bournemouth 7s Festival in 2018, add these to your cart and we'll bring it to the festival for you - our Click & Collect service is free of charge.



Lazy Sofas are much less likely to get stolen, due to just how portable they are. If you're going to the arena just to chill out, it makes sense to take one with you, so you can have a chill whilst drinking! That way, camp thieves can't possibly steal it! 

As mentioned before, they also roll up into small 30cm-long draw string bags, so can easily be hidden out of sight in your tent. This is such a contrast to the camping chair, which regularly get stolen!



What better way to make your camp stand out than to colour it up with Lazy Sofas! FestivalMart offers Lazy Sofas in GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PINK or BLACK, and they're all priced at £14.99. 

This is a much greater variety than the dull, navy camping chairs we see every year - plus, the Lazy Sofa is nice and shiny, so it'll reflect the sun nicely!

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