Memorable Moments 2017

Here's our favourite moments of festivals in 2017!


As we know, back in 2015, the leader of Foo Fighters - and our leader in life as a whole - Dave Grohl got a bit too excited on stage in Scandanavia and ended up stage-diving... except this was at a festival, meaning the crowd were not there to catch him. 

This meant their booked headline slot for Glasto 2015 had to be abandoned, along with the rest of the shows they'd planned that summer (including the one at the MK Bowl which I had tickets too, grrrr). 

After being too busy to do it in 2016, they finally did play Glasto this year, and here is what Dave decided to do first. As it happens, the great Florence And The Machine headlined in 2015 instead, and she included a stunning rendition of the Foos' hit 'Times Like These' in her set. This time around, Dave was the one paying tribute to the former, singing the song back at her with their first song of their Glasto 2017 set.

Here it is!

Ed Sheeran has had an incredible year. Pretty much all the tracks off his latest release 'Divide' reached a very commanding position on the British and U.S. charts. This was followed by a Glastonbury headline set. Here's one of those album tracks 'Castle On The Hill'. Ed's rise is captured by the crowd reaction on the Pyramid Stage. 

Enough can't be said about Radiohead. Although, admittedly, I might be part of the first generation that don't exactly know of their legend and frankly, importance to modern music, I can still appreciate what a huge band this really is. One of their biggest songs 'Paranoid Android' is available to view below. 

Another artist that seems to be headed the same way as Mr Sheeran - to the top of popular music - is Dua Lipa. I was actually present during the recording of her BRITS Critic's Choice performance, in which she was narrowly beaten by Rag 'N' Bone Man. Nevertheless, she seems to have had the edge in the long run, with this very well-received tent set at Glastonbury. Check out 'Be The One' below. 

And now for a slightly unorthodox post by us - but one that we can't ignore. All weekend at Glastonbury, we all heard how chants of a certain man's name had replaced the usual 'Alan' and 'Steve' shouts across festival campsites. 

And the name that replaced them? The charismatic Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. We think this is on par with Hendrix @ Woodstock '69 as the greatest festival performance ever.


Reading and Leeds

We're starting off with Liam Gallagher here, whose first solo release 'As You Were' has been very well-received, prompting a huge sold out tour. His set contains some Oasis CLASSICS, and here's 'Morning Glory' from his set at Reading 2017.

Here's Kasabian's electrifying headline set from start to finish:

Eminem is simply the world's greatest and most successful rapper, and his appearance at UK festivals continue to attract thousands. When I attended his headline set at Leeds Festival 2013, the only other time I'd seen such a crowd was at Download 2010 for AC/DC - and that's really saying something. Here is his full set in 2017!

And now here begins a short game of let's-bring-out-my-best-mate at Reading 2017. Probably the most notable one we saw on social media was of Giggs bringing out Drake. The reaction of the crowd on the main stage says it all - grime and hip hop is certainly here to stay on the main stage, and we can only see it climbing the bill in years to come. 

Giggs brought out Drake!

This next one was my personal favourite. We haven't seen Brian Johnson in a while, and all of a sudden he pops up in the middle of Muse's set. You could also tell this was a thrill for Matt Bellamy and co. - they'd grown up with the sound of AC/DC, and with this exact song. What a moment!

And by the way, Brian's still got it!

The usual suspects made an appearance at Lethal Bizzle's set in the tent - both Stormzy and Skepta took to the stage. Check it out below!



KILLING IN THE NAME OF! This was one of our favourite festival moments of 2017 as a whole. Morello, Wilk and Commerford providing the original Rage back beat, with the front men of Public Enemy and Cypress Hill providing ZDR's vocals. We're really excited to see this band again at another festival in 2018 - Rage Against The Machine's entire catalogue of tracks would go down a storm at Reading And Leeds.

Slayer at Download Festival means two things - mayhem and mosh pits. This one didn't disappoint, and as with the Prophets of Rage performance above, I'm actually in the pit that the camera keeps cutting to - although I can't seem to spot myself in either video!

Now we're gonna take a trip down nostalgia lane. Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous by Good Charlotte was one we heard a lot more in our childhoods than we do now. We heard it for the first time in years at Download 2017!

We were there for this one too. It's one of our favourite System songs, for its mix of melodic beauty and the typical, brutal honesty of the lyrics. We were glad they finally got the chance to headline Download again - but I'd wish I'd seen them in the early 2000s when they were just the craziest band you've ever seen. Ah well, I had to settle for this stunning performance.

Here's a band that also finally got the chance to headline Download - Biffy Clyro. Biffy Clyro seem to have made their way to the headline slot at UK metal festivals ever since they did Sonisphere in 2011. They've also done Reading And Leeds. It remains to be seen whether they'll ever be big enough to do Glastonbury - but Download is certainly a big tick off the list. Here's 'Many Of Horror' from their 2017 set.

To close our collection, here's the biggest band of all the festival's headliners this year. This performance was unmissable and I'm glad I got the chance to see Aerosmith before they pack it in. 





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