The Mansion Is Here.

There's been a very exciting addition to our catalogue, and we're thrilled to tell you about it now!

Split the cost of camping between your festival clan and all pitch in for the FESTIVALMART MANSION.

This huge tent will house 8-10 of you lads and lasses, in two large separate rooms on either side of the tent. It's perfect for the experienced group of festival-goers, looking for a joint festival experience, or a communal area for drinking games. 

The size of it is the main thing. It's 4.3 metres wide, 3 metres deep and 2 metres high! It'll also keep you warm and dry with its double-layered roof, keeping out potential rainfall. The front doormats also provide a convenient place for shoes!

Everyone can pitch in for the Mansion. Order yours on the Product Page here. 



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