Top 3 Items Your Festival Camp Is Missing!

As a dedicated festival company, we're always looking out for great new products to bring to music festivals.

Besides from the average 'tent and camping chair' setup, we feel there's many fresh ingredients that can both add colour to your camp. Here is just THREE of those things, and we hope to have many more for you very soon.



Lazy Sofas For Camping And Festivals

It won't be long before everyone has one of these to rest on at their campsite. Not only are they super comfortable, they're also incredibly lightweight. 

This makes them the furniture of choice for festival campsites in the future, above the classic camping chair - which for some, can be awkward to carry round!

OUR PRICE: £14.99 + free shipping


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Everybody needs a constant source of water at their campsite, yet we've seen very few campers actually make the effort to stay hydrated in the day time. Although all festivals provide access to water, if you're not camped within reasonable distance of the taps, the walk becomes a real pain!

Also, whilst responsibly smashing through copious amounts of alcohol, it's always important to stay hydrated, so we can enjoy the night ahead of us.

The Water Bag lets us do that, and this actually significantly decreases the effects of a hangover the next morning. 

For those reasons, we're making these Collapsible Water Bags readily available at FestivalMart, in a 5L or 10L capacity, for such a modest price, that it's actually a no-brainer. Fans of Bournemouth 7s can order now, and collect these from us at our stall!

OUR PRICE: £4.99 - £6.99 , size dependent + free shipping

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Did you know? The vast majority of heat loss from your tent is not through the walls, or even the entrance - but through the bottom lining of your tent, to the cold, damp floor beneath it.

This is also the most likely entrance for water to penetrate - it's not the falling rain that floods your tent; its the build up of the rain in the ground that can eventually lead to nightmare.

We've got the solution for you with this Ground Sheet by Aotu. It's the perfect ground sheet to match our Hexagon tent, which is also manufactured by Aotu!

In fact, with a size of 2.1m by 1.5m, you can use this Ground Sheet with ANY tent whose footprint is larger than these dimensions. If your tent's footprint is smaller than this, simply fold up the sides of this Ground Sheet for a warmer tent!

We can ship the Ground Sheet straight to your door - or if you're headed to Bournemouth 7s 2018, simply order now and collect from our stall!

OUR PRICE: £12.99 + free shipping



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