Camp Builder Terms & Conditions

Everything you need to know about our exciting new service.

1. Deposit Scheme

A small deposit is due for the rental of every one of our tents and camping chairs in the Camp Builder. This is payable either on our website - included in the total price of the tent or chair - or at our festival stall. Please see the product details for the deposit amount, as well as the rental cost. We also set-up your tent before you get to the festival, and take it down whenever you leave, and this is just £5.99 universally across all our tents. 

Upon return of the tents to our festival stall, the deposit will be repaid in full pending:

- Inspection of the tents before we take it down, ensuring it is not in irrepairable condition. Irrepairable condition refers to large rips and tears, greater than 15cm which significantly affects the tent's ability to resist rainfall i.e. a large gap to the inside. This can be from any of the side walls, the floor or the roof of the tent. If the rip is in an overhang which does not expose the interior to the outside, then this is not considered irrepairable damage. 

2. Dual Booking of Tents

If you have chosen a tent for a festival in the future which is also booked for a different festival sooner, and the tent you have booked becomes irrepairably damaged at the earlier festival, we will replace yours with a tent from the same category and price range, and confirm this is okay with you through e-mail. We will also let you know of any minor damaged sustained from the earlier festival.